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There isn’t an age-group who couldn’t find the perfect bath for themselves
Here are some examples:

  • We would like to relax and chat– Mesteri Thermal Bath
  • Affordable pricing is important for us- Mesteri Thermal Bath, Celldömölk Vulkan-bath, Borgáta Bath
  • We are old, walking is hard for us- the bath is 200 metres away
  • We would like to commute by bus or train- we offer transport from the train station of Celldömölk to our apartments
  • Our life is hectic, we wouldn’t like to meet with many people throughout the week- Mesteri Thermal Bath, Celldömölk Vulkan-bath, Borgáta Bath
  • I love sports, a sauna is important for me and I can’t skip daily swims- Celldömölk Vulkan-bath
  • We have small children, we are looking for experience- Sárvár Aquapark with limlitless services
    4 baths-4days we would like to try out all of them
  • Therapy is important for us- Mesteri Thermal Bath, Celldömölk Vulkan-bath, Borgáta Bath and Sárvár Aquapark are our offer
  • We are a family who likes to go on trips, we don’t like to stay in one place- These are some recommendations: Ság hill crater, Kemenes Volcano Park exhibition, Celldömölk’s main square, popular market on Thursdays, Nádasdi castle in Sárvár, Sümeg castle, Kám arboretum at the end of April and in May
  • The weather is bad, I am used to the comfort of a hotel- The roofed cave bath in Mestreri is only 200 metres away. An umbrella might be necessary
  • I love services: breakfast, a grill in the garden, a massage, bicycles, air-conditioning, an iron, Wi-Fi, a stroller, washing machine, limitless coffee consumption, the rest in on our apartments’ site. And 90% of which is free! That’s a parade!

There are thousands of reasons why resting here is great!

For which some compromise is necessary: There is no grocery store, the signal is often weak and there is only one restaurant but we believe that the VULCANO’s excellent dishes and the people’s kindness compensate for all of it.